Benefits Of Egoism In The United States

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No matter what profession is there are always a few who do not tend to their job in the appropriate manner. However, few positions have authority over the general public. It is important to make sure that any person who holds a position of authority in the American government has a great character. Good Ethics are a great foundation for this concept. If an officer is willing to arrest prostitutes and release them for sexual favors, he is obviously a fan of the ideology of egoism. And for the most part, egoism is not great for the overall public, just the person who is concerned with only their own best interest. But Egoism also has its own benefits. Let’s say an officer is called to assist a store in a theft issue. Upon arrival, the officer finds out that the thief was a mother stealing food for her children. To resolve the issue, instead of arresting the mother, he pays for the items to make the situation balanced for everyone, and gives her a ride home. While the opinion on the end result of this may vary, the officer is going to feel better about himself for not punishing a mother…show more content…
Very few people are able to disassociate themselves from their religious beliefs for friendly conversation, let alone for professional reasons. But, as with everything, you must try to be as neutral in your personal opinions as possible. Having said that, most religions are based on the good qualities in humanity. Ethics should not be dictated on religious grounds because most major religions have a long-standing disapproval of the other religions, making the Divine Command Theory, not likely a good candidate. However, if a person is able to keep the political portion of their religion out of the equation, actions based upon the decision by officers who are deeply inspired and devoted to their religion can not a bad thing. As said before, most religions are based on the good qualities of
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