Benefits Of Electronic Medical Record

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There are many benefits of using electronic medical record (EMR). This paper will discuss the benefits of electronic medical record for the physicians, patients, and the healthcare organizations.
Benefits of EMR for Physicians There are so many benefits for physicians to use electronic medical record, for example, they can eliminate a tremendous amount of paperwork since most of their charting is done on the computer. Another advantage of using electronic medical record is the fact that it allows for easy transfer of data or information to other departments or medical providers. This ability of the electronic medical record helps to eliminate errors, it also less time consuming and it prevents physicians and patients from repeating the same test. It also helps to prevent patients from over exposing their body to unnecessary radiation. It is also important to note that healthcare insurance is also enjoying this feature of the electronic medical record since they are saving money whereby they will not have to pay for duplicate testing. The electronic medical record being able to transfer patients’ data and information from one provider to the next is important since it allows collaborations among various departments and healthcare facilities, also, physicians do not have to worry about paperwork being misplaced or misfiled. Most patients find themselves at some time or another gone to another healthcare facility that is not affiliated with their current…
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