Benefits Of Employee Wellness Programs

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Employee wellness program is set up to improve the health of employees’, promote their morals and at the same time improve workers productivity. Examples of employees’ wellness programs includes on site clinics, on site gym or employee discount at a gym, smoking cessation, stress reduction programs, weight control and healthy diet. (Churchill, Gilliespie, Herbold, 2014). ). The Center for Disease Control and Prevention in 2008 estimated that the medical cost of chronic disease was 75% of all the health care cost, the cost for obesity was $147 billion and cigarette smoking another risk factor for chronic disease cost $ 193 billion (Churchill, Gilliespie, Herbold, 2014).Some employees due to long hours at work tend to neglect their health. …show more content…
Also employees working long hours without adequate time for themselves leads to ineffective health maintenance, unhealthy eating habits, snacking on non-nutritious foods and lack of exercise, physical activity leads to physical wellness. How Addressed by Affordable Care Act (ACA)
Due to indefensible growth in chronic diseases and the high rocketing cost of health care both government and the private sectors have embrace on preventive care to help decrease and prevent diseases. ( Churchill, Gilliespie, Herbold, 2014).The affordable care act encouraged workplace wellness program by creating new incentives and also utilize existing wellness provision to encourage and promote healthy workplace and self-management care. The department of health and human services (HHS), Labor and the Treasury were assigned to complete the proposal and it outlined the rules and regulations for the wellness program.( U.S Department of Labor fact sheet , 2014 ) These rules were set up to ensure the workplace wellness programs were not designed to over burden staff and to ensure it favors every individual regardless of their health condition (Krisberg, 2013). ACA through the HHS sponsored Rand Corporation to carry out a wellness program study to ascertain financial awards and penalties are not diverting the health care cost from the healthy employees to the sick
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