Benefits Of Energy Drinks

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Are Energy Drinks Truly Beneficial to the Body?
How many people lay down to bed, ready to get a good nights sleep, and then realize that they did not complete an assignment that is due the next morning? The quickly get up, grab a Monster or Red Bull and get to work. Energy drinks are extremely popular, and are were made to boosts peoples energy. While this may be true, consuming energy drinks comes with a very high price. Energy drinks are dangerous to the body, they contain extremely high amounts of caffeine and other additives which can put people at risk for many serious health problems.
To begin, the amount of caffeine in Energy drinks is unsafe to consume, and can have many negative effects on the body. Java Monster contains 100 milligrams of caffeine per serving, and 5 Hour Energy Drink contains 200 milligrams per serving. These caffeine counts do not include other simulants that are included. The recommended, daily intake of caffeine is 300 milligrams. Just one can transcends this amount. According to Dr. John Higgins, a cardiologist in Houston, interaction of caffeine with other ingredients in energy drinks can affect the dialation of a person’s arteries. This can put a person at serious risks for health issues. Caffeine is one of the main reasons why energy drinks are so hazardous. It takes over the body, and then nothing can be done. Even though swallowing one can of energy drink may seem like second nature, the amount of caffeine inside adds up very
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