Benefits Of Ethical Leadership : A Positive Corporate Reputation, Ethically Empowered Employees, Increased Quality, And Higher

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Abstract The purpose of this paper is to discuss four benefits of ethical leadership; having a positive corporate reputation, ethically empowered employees, increased quality, and higher customer satisfaction. Ethical leadership will benefit an organization, because it creates a healthy ethical environment, and culture which produces a positive corporate reputation. This will foster employees that; appreciate that ethics is important, recognizes and discusses ethical concerns, works to resolve ethics issues at the lowest level, sees ethics as part of quality, understands their part and feels empowered to behave ethically. It is a well-known fact that any corporation is only as good as its employees, so instilling employees with a resilient sense of integrity is vital to creating an ethical organization. Ethics is very closely related to quality, failure to meet minimum quality standards raises ethical concerns. Which means ethics and quality care can never truly be separated. Lastly, the benefit of maintaining high ethical standards is increased customer satisfaction which can lead to repeat business from the customer and valuable word-of-mouth endorsements of your company to other potential customers. Ethical leadership will benefit any organization, it helps to shape the corporate culture, and motivates employees to have ethical behavior. A corporates top leadership provides a plan for the corporate culture. “If these leaders fail to express desired ethical behaviors and
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