Benefits Of Exercising By Duranord Veillard

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Benefits of Exercising
Duranord Veillard, a 108-year-old, wakes up every morning at 5am to do five to seven pushups. (Time Magazine). If a 108-year-old man can do five to seven pushups daily, then any one can perform some sort of physical exertion. Veillard attributes waking up every morning and performing pushups to his longevity. If exercise can have such a positive change on humanity, more people should take advantage of it. Because, exercise brings a multitude of benefits. It helps control weight, strengthen muscles and bones, and can improve moods. Being physically fit is not just a physical state, but also a mental state, it can help keep people mentally stable, and encourage a brighter attitude towards life. It has a greater impact than
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Not all exercise is a contact sport. A lot of forms of exercise can be found as individual. Swimming, running, dancing, walking are all exercises that people engage in daily. With these different ways of exercising, it can lower the chances of injury through contact with others. As stated by the Mayo foundation, exercise can even be considered doing household chores. As long as it is an aerobic exercise that increases both the heart rate and the breathing rate, it is considered an exercise and is good for the body. Many house chores fall into that category. Walking is also considered an aerobic activity. (“Fitness”) Many daily decisions between taking the stairs or elevator give people a chance to exercise. With inventive and thoughtful decisions, a workout can be created to fit into the life an average person. Also, the workout does not have to be done during one solid block of time. It can be split into smaller chunks that add up to the required amount of time in a day. Injuries can also be easily prevented by being in tune with the body. A person knows their body best and when it says it is time to stop, the person should listen to their body and stop. A person can also be injured in activities that are not of the exercising form. Sometimes a person is just in the wrong place at the wrong time and because of that they are injured. Injuries can come from work, driving, and other areas than just exercise. Because of that, people need to be careful about their actions, and aware of their surroundings. But, because the chances of being injured anywhere at any time is possible, people should keep their bodies in the best shape possible to bounce back from the injuries they suffer. Injuries can also be easily prevented by being in tune with the body. A person knows their
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