Benefits Of Extortion In Education

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Why do people in current society allow people to be extorted, yet at the same time boast about being able to give them everything? Young people are often taken advantage of, due to their naïve, immature nature and naturally strong abilities that are prone to being young. One of the many examples is the extortion that universities bring onto their young students and their beloved families. If they were payed off by the government, extortion would be heavily reduced. Universities should be funded by todays government because of students being extorted for large amounts of money, because of the benefits towards society today, and because of university drop out rates are on the extreme rise due to student debts. Universities often take advantage of their own students because of them having to pay for their education. This is a hidden flaw to the system after post-secondary school as governments are given little to no control about what secretly actually happens within universities/colleges. “Tuition gets all the media attention while fees are hidden to students and public knowledge.” (Marcus, n.p.) was a comment made by an expert researcher on post-secondary extortion. Imagine first, having to already pay at least 20k just for 1 year of education. Now on top of that vast amount, add fees such as student activity fees, gym maintenance fees, library user fees, studio fees, counselling fees, multi-program fees, academic enhancement fees, academic excellent fees, technology fees,

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