Benefits Of Extra-Curricular Activities

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Extra-Curricular Activities As students begin to participate in extra -curricular activities there always seems that funds are limited. Of course, the majority of funding to the schools should be for academics and improving test scores. Students still deserve the opportunity to participate in extra-curricular activities so that they can explore their talents beyond the classroom setting. These activities usually consist of sports; including but not limited to football, baseball, soccer, tennis, basketball, track and field as well as wrestling and cheerleading. Other curricular activities include involvement in a variety of clubs including chess club, drama club, dance club, debate club and others. These extra-curricular activities should be given equal consideration for funding. Although, the federal government provides funds to the state and the state gives funds to the local school districts, there seems to be a disproportionate amount of funding for low performing schools Essex, 2012). The low performing schools should be additional funding for uniforms, equipment and supplies for the teams. Students who participate in these activities should have well fitted uniforms and updated equipment to use when participating in the sports. These students want to look to be at least comparable to the opposing team. These students want to project a sense of school pride as they wear their team uniform and represent their school. In affluent schools, their students have updated uniforms and equipment on a regular basis. In addition to the state funding, they have pre-established booster clubs and Parent Teacher Association groups that sponsor the teams. These organizations serve as additional funding source that is not available in low performing schools. EDUCATIONAL FUNDING 11 If the local school district would provide additional funding to the low performing schools for extra-curricular activities it would serve to promote character building and increase students’ desire to want to improve their academic achievement. In most local school districts students have to maintain a certain grade point average in
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