Benefits Of Faculty And Staff Of Universities

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Mutual Benefits. Faculty and staff of universities also benefit from student athletes. Specifically, among these faculty and staff, a major topic of debate has been the salaries of college coaches. As coaches have continued to be paid more over the past years, the debate to pay college athletes has gained momentum. Through the disparity between student athletes’ compensation and coaches’ salaries the unbalanced system allows athletes to earn below minimum wage while coaches like Nick Saban of Alabama or John Calipari of Kentucky earn over five million dollars per year (Acquaviva, 2013). As college athletics continue to become more and more competitive, universities feel the pressure to pay coaches more and to build better facilities in…show more content…
The only significant money-makers are men’s basketball and men’s football the rest either don’t make any money, others make a little, or end up losing money (Hartnett, 2013). Least popular sports like soccer, tennis, or volleyball don’t earn the university money, the revenue sports have to make up for the lost difference (Zimbalist, 2001). While college football may appear to generate giant revenues, some of this money must be allocated to keep these non-revenue sports afloat. Other arguments suggest that not all college sports make enough money but evidentially, universities spend a significant amount of their revenue on nonessentials including construction of sports facilities. This has been deemed as an “arms race” where universities are spending significant amounts of money on infrastructure (Prewett, 2014). The University of Cincinnati, for example, is going to spend more than $80 million expanding its football stadium by 2015 (Peale, 2013). Salaries of coaches and upper level faculty have also been an aspect of college athletics under scrutiny. According to the USA Today (2014a), 70 NCAA football coaches were paid over $1 million dollars in 2013, a few being paid as much as $5 million. University coaches are the highest paid public employees earning huge salaries (Zimbalist, 2001). While most universities have more expenses than they do revenues, a significant amount of these expenses are
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