Benefits Of Failure

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The speech “The Fringe Benefits of Failure” by J.K. Rowling and the “Commencement Address” by Steve Jobs both have similarities and differences. Both Steve Jobs and J.K. Rowling have the same main idea, failure leads to success, but the way they explained it is different. The details and anecdotes is another difference. Their tone is a similarity between both speeches. These are just a few of the many similarities and differences. Steve Jobs and J.K. Rowling both had the same main idea but they explained their ideas differently. Their main idea is that failure helps lead to success. Steve Jobs explained his path to success, his setbacks and the failures he came across. Throughout his speech, Steve Jobs used three anecdotes to say what he…show more content…
Steve Jobs used three anecdotes to describe the success and failure in his life. Steve Jobs used a lot of details about all his anecdotes and explained each one well. He said, “The first story is about connecting the dots.” “My second story is about love and loss.” “My third story is about death.” Whereas J.K. Rowling didn't use any anecdotes, but what she did use was an example of how she thought she had failed on an epic scale. She said, “An exceptionally short-lived marriage had imploded, and I was jobless, a lone parent, and as poor as it is possible to be in modern Britain, without being homeless.” J.K. Rowling didn't say much about her life other than this one sentence. She didn't give many details like Steve Jobs did in his speech. However, both Steve Jobs and J.K. Rowling have a similar tone. Steve Jobs had a tone that was motivational, persuasive and encouraging. His speech was informal because he used words such as “I” and “You”, which is addressing the people to whom he was speaking to. He was addressing the graduates of Stanford University on June 12, 2005. J.K Rowling also had the similar tone of encouragement and motivation. She had an informal speech as well since she was speaking directly to the graduates of Harvard University. Both Steve Jobs and J.K. Rowling had the same tone and informal
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