Benefits Of Fluoride Treatments

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Although tooth decay is largely preventable, it’s still the most common chronic disease in children. And while fluoride plays a key role in strengthening tooth enamel and preventing decay, parents often opt out of in-office fluoride treatments due to the lack of dental insurance and concerns over cost. Here’s why the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends that all children, at risk for decay, receive professional fluoride treatments and how a dental discount plan can make these crucial services affordable for your family.
Benefits vs Cost of Fluoride Treatments
When fluoride is applied directly to the teeth, it incorporates into the outer layer of enamel, making it harder and more resistance to bacterial “acid attacks” that cause tooth decay. In addition, topical fluoride can help stop early decay by remineralizing and repairing enamel.
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If tooth-colored fillings are used, the fees can range from $90 to $450. These comparisons are proof positive that the money spent on fluoride treatments can save you hundreds of dollars in the long run.
Benefits of Fluoride Treatments for Adults
As an adult, you probably think the “cavity prone” years are behind you, but in fact, many adults have medical or oral health conditions that increase their risk for tooth decay. If you are dealing with any of the following, fluoride treatments now may help you avoid expensive dental work later.
• Receded gums, due periodontal disease, expose the roots, making them susceptible to root
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