Benefits Of Fruits And Vegetables Intake

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The Benefits of Increased of Fruits and Vegetables Intake
Research question: How does increased intake of fruit and vegetable and moderate exercise affect the quality of life in older adults? Most people are hoping to have long and good quality of life. People are living longer because there are more medical techniques and medications to detect and treat diseases. However, some people are living long but not as healthy as they want. Nicklett et al. state that, “Individuals aged 65 and older are now the fasting-growing segment of the population” (862). Many governmental organizations are promoting “successful aging” as initiative for reducing the medical costs for older population. Age successfully can be seen that a person has fewer chronic health condition and absence of major diseases or cancers in old age; therefore, he or she is able to have a longer and healthier life. Not only the government has this goal, but also many people have a strong desire to learn about the ways of growing old healthier and independent as long as possible in old age. Many studies show that a healthy body is essential for a better life; people can engage healthy eating lifestyle and exercise to improve their health status.
One of the physical affects as people grow old is that the rate of bone cells absorbing minerals to rebuild new bone becomes slower. This can result to bone density becomes loose and soften; that causes bones become weak and easy to break. Falls are common episodes in older
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