Benefits Of Gambling And Recreational Consumption

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Introduction Casinos nowadays are considered as a strategic component in the development of tourism destinations (Kim, Prideaux & Kim, 2002). Casinos purpose is making money at your own risk. It has been determined that casinos are located in through the United States and in global nationwide. Throughout this paper, we will see how that the global industries are competitive and characteristics that make casinos global.

Description of Casinos Bloomberg described casinos as an industry that profits from people betting against the odds is looking for more risk takers online and in Asia (Bloomberg). Any time we are betting online or in the casinos, we consider ourselves as risk takers because of taking chances on winning or losing. Peter Mason describes casinos as a place that people legally allows people to engage in activities of gambling and recreational consumption, can also directly and indirectly impacts are somehow tangible and intangible in the host community, in which casino gamblers interact with local environment, economy, and society (Mason, 2003).

Competitive Market Leaders in the Casino Industry Penn National Gaming Inc. operates in several states such as West Virginia, Mississippi, Louisiana and Pennsylvania. Penn National Gaming Inc. also operates in the Province of Ontario Canada. All these different places operates in different areas such as slot machines, casinos, riverboat casinos and racetracks. Penn National Gaming Inc. reported unadvised…
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