Benefits Of Genetically Modified Food

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A genetically modified food is food that was made using organisms that were genetically modified as well. What the engineers do is take certain traits that they like from each crop and transfer them to another to get their desired food. There is a company called Arctic Apples which uses biotechnology to identify certain genes that, when mixed with polyphenolics, turns the apples brown. When they identify it, they remove the genes that cause it and the apples don’t go brown. This is one of many genetically modified foods available. Another usage is everything that we get from the mustard seed. From a simple mustard seed, we get many vegetables such as turnips, collard greens, broccoli, cauliflower and so much more. Genetically modified food can be very helpful in certain aspects, such as using a gene from the spinach plant to repel bugs to prevent crops from going bad instead of using dangerous pesticides. Another way that crops can be genetically modified is for crops be resistant to freezing temperatures that can sometimes destroy crops and seeds. There are many reasons that we can benefit from genetically modified food. There are some downsides to genetically modified food however. Most of the crops that are modified are corn, soy and sugar beets. Most of the ingredients wind up in junk food and foods that aren’t very healthy for us. Because there is a high demand for those crops specifically, farmers plant more of these instead of rotating the types of crops that they
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