Benefits Of Genetically Modified Food

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Everyone has heard of genetically modified food. They have become so prominent in the United States and fill up a majority of our supermarkets. There has been controversy over the past few years on whether genetically modifying animals and crops is ethical and safe. But what a majority of Americans lack is knowledge of genetic engineering (GE). Many Americans hear the term genetically modified organism (GMO) and think it sounds scary or bad. They decide to be against the techniques of GE before actually doing any kind of research. Before you can say you are for or against GE, you must understand what GMOs are, advantages and disadvantages of GE, and why people are protesting the use of this process so much. We eat food from supermarkets every day and we should all be concerned with whether our food is safe or not. I attended an Agricultural High School, where I learned all about the techniques of GE. It was one of the most discussed topics in class and teachers had different views about the techniques used to modify organisms and crops. I have personally heard both sides of the argument and am still undecided whether I support GMOs or if I am against them. However, before you can choose a side to defend, you must know what GMOs are. According to Jon Faerber, Terrell Edwards, and other researchers from The University of California, Santa Cruz, the process of genetically modifying animals dates back to 50,000 BC when we as humans started to domesticate
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