Benefits Of Genetically Modified Foods

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GMO’s Genetically Modified Foods is a new contervserasonal topic on the health on agricultural of the world. It is heavily debated for the reason that it can be seen as a health risk or a major advancement in Agriculture. One on hand, it can be used to increase production, as well has have foods that could be altered to be pest-resistant and greater nutritional values (WHAT ARE THEY). While on the other hand, many consider ‘Safety testing of whole foods is difficult. Generally assessment of ‘safety/toxicity’ relies on the description of dose–response relationships.’(sciencedirect). The issue on Genectally modifed foods is a important topic to argue, because food is one of the most important factors in sustaning life, for without food, we are not able to survive and if we are tampering with food genetics, it could very well change the way we eat. Although, it could be argued that Genetically Modified Foods is indeed a benefit to society for it can benefit third world countries, and alter foods to become pest and disease resistant and weather resistant, be able to give a food more nutritional value, and with modern technology be able to detect if a genetically modified food is safe to eat. In this paper I will examine the reason why the government should not allow genetically modified foods, I will show that first that it is not enough research to determine that genetically modified foods, secondly will be that there has been examples of Genetically modified foods has…
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