Benefits Of Genetically Modified Foods

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Genetically modified organisms, sometimes known as GMO’s, are plants or animals that are created through the process of genetic engineering. Modified foods are often viewed as a valuable solution to ending world hunger, because they take less time to produce into larger crops. The use of gmos have increased in recent years,because they can grow bigger and faster than regular fruits and vegetables in much harsher environments.Also have seem to sustain and fight off many of the pests that have troubled crop growers for years.
Their common different uses can reshape the entire agriculture industry. Smaller farms that cannot afford the cost of genetically modified seed are forced out of business bigger more industrial companies. As large agricultural corporations plant across their giant farms with genetically modified seed, the local environment adapts and changes creating large portions of land that can only grow crops from genetically modified seed. This will eventually restrict the amount and type of food that can be grown. Some benefits of genetically modified foods are that they can provide a solution to the global hunger crisis. With genetic engineering, it seems suddenly possible to solve many of the problems that plague food production worldwide. “Most GM crops are either insect-resistant (that is, produce their own pesticide), herbicide-tolerant or sometimes both” (Cotter, 2011).
Using gmos as our main crop would make life better for farmers across the world. The…
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