Benefits Of Genetically Modified Foods

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Freedom. Equality. Security. These are just a few words to describe what it’s like to be an American. In this day and age, people of all ethnicity are fighting and losing their lives in the hope of acquiring the American Dream. But is it really a dream or a soon to be coming nightmare? It has been three decades since the discovery of genetically modified foods (foods formed by organisms that have gone through altering DNA using the procedures of genetic engineering.) In the year 1983, the original genetically modified herb was manufactured with antibiotic-resistant tobacco. A near decade after, the FDA (food and drug administration) had finally approved to put a genetically modified tomato on the market. Countless organizations are proclaiming the benefits of GMO’s, whereas, other believe it’s a plague upon mankind. These include GMO’s assist in the feeding of seven billion people and the lowering of the price of food. While other people believe that GMO’s are detrimental to human civilization in that it could cause cancer and less effective antibiotics. Analyzing the main components of Non GMO’s vs GMO’s; it’s of ease to conclude the major differences and similarities; such as, increase in food, cheaper production, and harmful effects to the human body.
As of recent studies, the population is calculated at being around 7 billion, and it ceases to stop growing. The primary goal of GMO’s was to establish a way to sustain enough crops to feed the increasing population, and
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