Benefits Of Genetically Modified Foods

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What foods are genetically modified? Well, most food that “contains sugar from sugar beets, soy, or corn,” is genetically modified (Mercola, 2015, p. 4). Most people consume genetically modified, or GM, foods every day without even being aware. While some do avidly monitor their food consumption and avoid GM foods, others simply eat GM foods because, to them, GM foods seem safe to consume. In “Genetically Modified Foods Are Not Safe to Eat,” osteopath, Joseph Mercola, advocates his concerns of consuming GM foods and stresses that more people need to be aware of what they eat. Even though some may still disagree that genetically modified foods are unsafe after reviewing Mercola’s work, his article contains an extremely sound and valid…show more content…
Through Dr. Bereano’s “Lego model,” Mercola shows how replacing genes with genetically modified ones can become unsafe. While genetically engineered genes may seem similar, they will not necessarily code for only one protein. This new structure can become harmful. By including research and support from scientist, Vrain, and Dr. Bereano, Mercola’s first premise is well supported.
In another premise, Mercola logically acknowledges problems that could arise from horizontal gene transfer through support from Dr. David Suzuik, an award-winning geneticist. After an explanation that genetic engineering utilizes horizontal gene transfer which “involves injecting a gene from one species into a completely different species” (Mercola, 2015, p. 2), Mercola (2015) writes that those in favor for GM crops believe vertical inheritance principles can be applied to horizontal gene transfer. Dr. Suzuki, on the other hand, states that their theory is flawed. Horizontal gene transfer can create unexpected results, thus causing the safety of genetically modified foods to waver (p. 2). This premise, although only supported once, is logical and sound. Many unpredicted reactions could be a result of horizontal gene transfer which could cause health problems for those who eat genetically modified food.
Not only does Mercola provide two well supported and logical premises, but he also
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