Benefits Of Genetically Modified Foods

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Genetically Modified foods are made when genetic material from the DNA of one species of a plant’s genes is extracted and forced into the genes of different plants in a laboratory.
Everything that is living is made of billions of cells. Inside each of these cells there is a nucleus that contains DNA. DNA is what carries the genetic information that the organisms on from one generation to another have to make a new organism and keep it functional. Genes are made of DNA. They make up the parts of the organism and then they are able to make molecules like starch, oil, fiber, or fat, which are used within the organism (CSIRO). Organisms are mainly made up of proteins. Genes make up much less than 0.1 percent of the weight of an organism, but they have control over everything (CSIRO).
Genetic modification changes the genes and therefore the characteristics of the plant. For example, a strawberry can be modified to stay fresher for longer. When scientists make a modified plant, they put a different gene into the plant. This can be bacterial genes to allow a plant to be more resistant to pesticides. What happens is that the plant gets the trait or characteristic of the inserted gene.
Genetic modification occurs in several steps. First the scientist separates the gene with the desired traits. This is called mapping. By using mapping, DNA is extracted. Second, copies are made of the gene that is separated. This is called Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR). Third, once a gene…
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