Benefits Of Genetically Modified Foods

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With progress in genetic engineering of foods, scientist, researchers, and farmers have changed the way food is grown. And this has started raising questions about the methods they use and their possible risks and side effects. To understand the risks and benefits of genetically modified foods you must first understand what they are.
Genetically modified foods may also be referred to as GM foods, GMO, modified crops, GM organisms, or bio-tech foods. (Wohlers, Anton E, 2013, p73-84) You may see me referring to Genetically Modified foods as any of the names I just mentioned in this paper. But a lot of people know the different names of genetically modified foods but they don’t know exactly what they are. A GMO is a plant that is developed in a laboratory, through a process in which a copy of a desired genetic material from one plant or organism, is placed in another plant. And the plant that has the new gene is considered genetically modified. This is often done as scientist try to make certain plants better suited to life in different areas. Like infusing a green bean plant that is infused with a fish protein that helps keep the plant from freezing so it can grow better in the Northern Regions of the world.
One particularly issue is that the genetic engineering between two different species, specifically between plants and animals, which some scientist believe are breaking down "natural barriers...with...unpredictable results". (Patwardhan, Dasari, Bhagavatula, Muller,
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