Benefits Of Genetically Modified Foods

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Introduction In today’s world, there are many topics of high significance for us to discuss and learn about. I believe genetically modified (GM) foods and organisms (GMOs) is one of those topics. Do you know what they are? If you do, do you know if they are good or bad for us and do they affect the environment? When it comes GM foods the public has very strong views and it is in part due to the unanswered questions, or because the answers are not the ones one hoped for. Having enough information about a subject becomes crucial for us to make certain decisions, in particular if it involves our health and environment. In this global debate, one part of the public argues GM foods have not been studied long enough for us to decide if they are harmful to our health, and in the long run if it might also affect our environment. The other part, argues we do not have any scientific studies or research that show genetically modified foods post any harm to our health and environment, and all studies conducted up until this point do not raise any concerns. In addition, this other part of the public says GMOs is something we will need to survive due to food shortage. This two-sided subject has been in the hot spot for debate for some time. People also believe genetically modified foods is becoming a monopolized business, and it has affected our agriculture structure and local farmers. Not to mention, we also have to deal with unethical companies leading this business such as Monsanto,
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