Benefits Of Genetically Modified Organisms

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Agrumentative Essay Did you know 80% of all our foods are genetically modified? Scientists have proved the safety of all Genetically modified organisms, although China, Russia, and 60 other countries require labeling of there gentically modified ingredients, yet the United States does not label the products which are genetically modified. If Genetically modified organisms are so safe, then what 's there to hide? Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) are processed foods in which genes of one species are extracted and forced into another improving the size capacity and product quality. Genetically modified organisms are not a sustainable solution to global hunger because it causes health problems, destroys communities, and is no solution towards World Hunger. Most developed nations do not consider GMOs safe. Several studies have affirmed that GMOs increased the chance of food allergies, disorders, such as autism, and damage to the heart and liver. No one can guarantee that GMOs’ side effects will be long-term and continuous and proving safety is beyond the capabilities of current technology. Supporters of genetic engineering argue that the application of biotechnology to improve the nutritional contents of various foods will help people who suffer from many diseases. However, GMOs are only a temporary matter, not a realiable solution for nutritional improvement of foods and medical benefits. Their own disadvantages far outweigh their own advantages. Various studies have proved
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