Benefits Of Genetically Modified Organisms

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Everybody eats. Well, technically, everybody eats or else he or she dies. Food is essential to life. There are a lot of people on this earth which we all share and we all have the same issue. We are all in the same boat: we either eat or we die. As a species, we need to ensure that everyone has access to enough food. This is very challenging because we have only limited resources. We have developed tools to try to ensure everyone has enough food to survive. Agriculture is one of the main tools. For thousands of years we have been growing and selectively breeding thousands (if not millions) of different plant and animal species, types, and characteristics. As our understanding of things like genetics and behavior has increased; our methods…show more content…
(Novella, 2014) We still need better distribution and a more equitable system to distribute the world’s resources. Mustard oil is a staple of Indian cuisine. There are over twenty-three thousand square miles of mustard under cultivation in India (Specter, 2014). The oil, which lacks the mustardy taste, is very like canola oil. Mustard oil provides many nutrients that are often lacking in a typical Indian diet. Yet India imports almost half of its oil. Fortunately, there is a higher producing and cheaper genetically engineered mustard crop. Although GMO technology is often vilified as only a tool for “evil corporations” by activists like Jeffrey Smith (Smith, 2017), the genetically engineered mustard was developed by Delhi University. The technology will be provided at no cost to the public (Haq, 2016). It has been proven as safe as conventional oil over and over again (Haq, 2016). Yet, outspoken and politically motivated activists continue to block the successful implementation of this life-saving opportunity (Specter, 2014). There is no profit motive in genetically modified mustard oil, its safety is assured, and it fulfills a desperate need for more natively grown oil producing plants in India. It is sad that India is currently choosing to pander to its anti-GMO activists rather than focus farmers, consumers, and even the whole Indian economy. However, there are groups that do not accept the science of genetically modified foods. Despite scientific proof, which we
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