Benefits Of Getting Around Town

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Getting Around Town Whether it be because they cannot afford it or they are not able to, there are many people in America who cannot drive. Not only are cars expensive but with high gas prices owning one is often times impractical. One economical alternative to driving is taking public transportation. Both the Worcester Regional Transit Authority (WRTA) and Montachusett Regional Transit Authority (MRTA or MART) are two of the transportation authorities in Massachusetts. Like most things, each transit system has its own flaws and attributes The most important aspect of a transit system is its public access. The WRTA has 26 fixed routes, 4 shuttles and paratransit for the elderly and disabled. The WRTA serves Worcester and its nearby…show more content…
Similar to the WRTA, the MRTA runs full service on Monday through Friday with limited service on Saturday, however unlike the WRTA, the MRTA does not provide Sunday service. Both the WRTA and MRTA have varied public access to better serve their communities. Another important aspect to public transit is their payment policies. The WRTA has four methods of payment and two mediums riders can use. The prices vary according to certain criteria. The most basic is a single ride. When paying cash on the bus, a single ride for adults is $1.50; for those who qualify for reduced fare, that is the elderly, disabled, and children between the ages of 5 and 13, a single ride is 0.75. Children under 5 are always free. When using a Charlie Card, adult fare drops to 1.20 and reduced fare drops to (0.65). The following two payment methods cost the same regardless of whether a Charlie Card is used. The first of the two is a Day Pass which gives riders unlimited rides for the date that the pass in purchased. For adults, a Day Pass is 3.50 and for those who qualify for reduced, passes are 1.75. The second of the two is a 31 Days Pass. A 31 Day Pass gives the rider unlimited rides for 31 days after the pass is purchased. For adults a 31 Day Pass is $48.00 and for reduced riders it is $24.00. Like the WRTA, the MRTA has three methods of payment with two mediums. Similar to the WRTA the prices vary according to certain criteria. Like the WRTA, the most basic method
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