Benefits Of Getting Vaccinated Are Potentially Saving Your Child 's Life Essay

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In recent years there has been a movement against giving vaccines to children that has grown to include nearly 40% of parents in the United States. But it is due to these vaccines that most children today have never experienced diseases such as polio or measles, as their grandparents have. Since they have not seen these diseases, parents feel it is unnecessary to vaccinate them due to the possible side effects or that they cause autism (“Parental Delay”). However, vaccines are critical for eradicating these deadly infectious diseases, and are vitally needed to keep them under control. This makes it necessary that children who wish to attend school have mandatory vaccinations against diseases such as polio and measles, without exception. Therefor this paper will show the benefits of getting vaccinated are potentially saving your child 's life, stops the viruses from spreading to other children, and protects your families from disease which can save your family time away from work, and the cost of prolonged hospital stays (“Five Important Reasons”). The diseases themselves are very dangerous and pose a very serious threat to people who are immunocompromised, plus they can cause disfigurement, paralysis, or sometimes death, thus proving that the risks of contracting them are worse than the side effects of the vaccines. Vaccines do have side effects, but not one of them is autism, and there is ample scientific evidence to back it up. It is vital to everyone that the current
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