Benefits Of Globalization On Jobs

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One of the main benefits of globalization is that it helps to develop trading amongst nations. Some may think that trade causes loss of jobs and believe that we should be more self reliant on our own production of goods. But, what they may not understand is trade comes with added benefits. To date the United States is the largest trading nation in the world. “Most imports have a lower cost and higher quality, and that improves our standard of living” (Marotta, 2003). It is the competitive pressures associated with trade that cause this notion. It also allows for more choices in goods, which encourages more consumption of goods. The increase in expenditure for these products helps to elevate our economy. In terms of economy standing, some fail to realize that trade especially imported goods create jobs. “The positive impact of imports on jobs can be seen clearly in the relationship over the past 30 years between the level of imports and the unemployment rate: When imports increase, the unemployment rate goes down, not up” (Sissors, et. al, 2012) This is partly due to economic growth and partly due to the creating of jobs associated with the trade industry.
Secondly, globalization is breaking down the communication barrier. Technological advances such as telephones, fax machines, and the internet has allowed us the means to communicate. This is key to world cohesion, “this is helping people to accept certain common values and ideas…” (Marotta, 2003) This merging of
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