Benefits Of Golf Courses With Golf

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This report is designed with two purposes. The first is to provide golf courses with options to help increase the number of golfers they bring in and retain. By increasing their participation levels courses will see a marked increase in the profits they are able to generate. Secondly this report will supply individuals unfamiliar with golf a look inside the game and what is being done to improve it. Golf has a centuries-long tradition of world wide participation. As with anything that has existed for such a long time golf has experienced varying levels of popularity. In the United States golf has had two significant upturns in popularity over the last fifty years. The first golfing boom occurred in the 1960’s, while the second took place throughout the 1990’s. In the decades following each of these expansion periods the trend in golf differed greatly. To understand these differences we will explore: The different courses being built in each period. Costs associated with the new courses. How challenging the new courses were to play. How all the factors surrounding the boom in each decade affected participation. With golf’s popularity in decline it is vital to look at why this trend continues and what can be done to reverse it. The key to increasing participation is bringing younger individuals into the game and keeping them there. To engender this change it will be necessary to examine and adjust some aspects of the game that many find bothersome and/or outdated. This

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