Benefits Of Group Therapy For Individual Therapy

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Benefits of group therapy One of the key reasons why clients opt for group therapy as opposed to individual therapy is because they will not be alone. It can be intimidating to some clients to be by themselves in a room with just another individual and be expected to divulge all their personal secrets. Perhaps to some clients this forum is just what they need; however, group therapy emphasizes the need of working with others to achieve their ultimate goal. Group therapy assists clients in understanding the way they communicate and interact with others. Panas, Cassi, Founier, and McCarty (2003) suggest that, "Sharing experiences in a group setting is believed to create a community of social support…" (p. 271). Group’s members are able to provide support to one another without feeling a sense of judgement because everyone involved is there for the same reasons and have the same goals to achieve. Philippians 2:4 says,” Let each of you not only look out for his own interest, but also for the interest of others” (NKJV). Group work helps members display empathy for one another. For instance, Vlasto (2010) emphasizes the benefits of group therapy for bereavement. As loved ones left behind learn to cope, group members are able to share various coping strategies that worked for them and in turn provide some form of relief for those who are still grieving their loss (p. 62). Pérusse, Goodnough, and Lee (2009) also states that, "...the power of the peer group can be garnered for…
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