Benefits Of Group Therapy For Individual Therapy

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Benefits of group therapy One of the key reasons why clients opt for group therapy as opposed to individual therapy is because they will not be alone. It can be intimidating to some clients to be by themselves in a room with just another individual and be expected to divulge all their personal secrets. Perhaps to some clients this forum is just what they need; however, group therapy emphasizes the need of working with others to achieve their ultimate goal. Group therapy assists clients in understanding the way they communicate and interact with others. Panas, Cassi, Founier, and McCarty (2003) suggest that, "Sharing experiences in a group setting is believed to create a community of social support…" (p. 271). Group’s members are able to…show more content…
Through each member’s personal experience of past or present issues, they can guide others on what to attempt and what to avoid. The fact is that group counseling is a shared experience with shared goals and it allows each person that entered as an individual to become part of a team. As with any profession that works with patients or clients, whether it be in regards to their physical, mental or emotional well-being, certain ethical guidelines are put into practice to protect such members as well as health professionals. Ethical guidelines in any form of counseling provide clear definitions of what type of behaviors or actions are suitable and not appropriate between counselors, individual clients, or in group settings. These guidelines attempt to convey the standards and ideologies that are utilized by counselors when making decisions for themselves on what is ethical and unethical in a counseling environment. However, the role of ethics in group settings can often differ as to how it is applied in individual counseling Ethics in group therapy Becoming familiar with the appropriate course to choose when involved with ethical decision-making can be frustrating at times; simply because each situation warrants a specific course of action than the other or one before. In any case, group leaders must be ready to execute hard choices when such
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