Benefits Of Growing Up Jasmine

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Growing up Jasmine was one of my good friends during from elementary to high school. However, during high school, our friendship changed. During the second year of high school, Jasmine started doing drugs and drinking alcohol. A similarity that we both shared was that we were a little overweight during our adolescence. We both did not like the way our bodies looked and we would usually talk about how we wanted to look better. Wes started out by changing out diets by cutting out carbs and eating more fruits and protein. Slowly we both began to lose weight. But Jasmine was struggling with her weight and felt very insecure about her body. Her first drink was at a party we both attended where lots of other students drinking and smoking.…show more content…
This was her solution to losing weight. I have always been an advocating against alcohol and drugs. This went against my values and as her friend, I told her my thoughts on hew actions and how it was changing our friendship. She did not really take what I said into consideration as she began doing cocaine more leading to her addiction. She still purged, however, she would use cocaine excessively. Students at school were noticing the changes in Jasmine but I pretended nothing serious was going on. Every time I would talk to her about stop using and purging, she would ignore my comments. As time went by, I began to get tired of watching her taking these risky behaviors. If we were not close friends I would have stopped communication much sooner instead of making so many attempts to try t get her to stop drinking and taking cocaine. It was hard to watch because we shared the same values of being against drugs, alcohol but she fell into the addiction. Not only was she drinking and using cocaine, she smoked marijuana. It was extremely frustrating to watch my friend go into a downwards spiral and go against everything I stood for and even what she previously stood for. My perception of how drugs and alcohol changed Jasmine is that it made her feel as though she could do whatever she wanted to. She did not see or chose not to see that her actions were hurting our friendship. Her family
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