Benefits Of Hand Reloading Factory Ammunition

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Benefits of Hand Reloading Factory ammunition is produced to work in a wide range of different fire arms. What may work well in one rifle, may not work well in another rifle. Some have found that “a rifle simply will not shoot factory ammo well, and if you load your own, you can fix things” (Petzal, 2002, P. 39), which is why many reloaders choose to hand load. It is beneficial to the reloaders to find out what powder and projectile combination yields the best accuracy for their specific rifle (T. Ross, personal communication, February 11, 2014). Hand reloading is becoming popular in the United States. Many are catching on to how easy it is to find access to brass, powder and bullets to reload, rather than look for complete ammunition…show more content…
Production of Nitrocellulose It wasn’t until 1884 when French chemist, Paul Marie Eugène Vielle found that softening guncotton (nitrocellulose) with a mixture of alcohol and ether, he was able to concentrate nitrocellulose and further dry it into sheets and cut these sheets into flakes to be dried and loaded into a metallic cartridge to propel a projectile and by changing the granule weight he found that the burn rate could be controlled and measured for a variety of different applications, primarily small arms and artillery (Biegariska, 2011, p. 368). Shortly after Vielle’s discovery another chemist, Alfred Nobel, found that nitroglycerine could be used to plasticize nitrocellulose also (Nobel, 2013). Nitroglycerine increased the energy potential of the guncotton and proved to be extremely stable as well. Combining the work of Nobel and Vielle with different granule makeups and amounts in addition to modern deterrent development yielded the higher velocity, higher energy, and controllability needed in many of today’s modern repeating firearms utilizing 2 compact cartridges (Biergariska, 2011, p. 368).. Both double-base and single-base powders are available to the hand loaders today, single-base means that it is nitrocellulose based alone powder and double-base means that it is nitrocellulose and nitroglycerine based powder. Powder Structures On the shelf, reloading powders are often classified by their shape and makeup.

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