Benefits Of Having A Green Building

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A “green building” is a structure that is eco-friendly to the environment and does not harm the nature that is present around it. The word “eco-friendly” is familiarized through sustaining and conserving the environment and its crucial features that help keep this world running and thriving. It is the consequence of humans to continue to use harmful chemicals and materials that may destroy the world and its atmosphere entirely. The greenhouse project in biology demonstrated a small model of a possible “green” house that is friendly to the nature and environment around it and can overall encourage the use of healthy products and actions. Benefits of having a “green” house is that it will help the environment, encourage sustainability of natural resources, and will overall benefit the consumers economically. Benefits of having a greenhouse is that it will help the environment. For example, the use of having an eco-friendly house will help “to reduce the impact humans have on the environment” (The Nest). A friendly house to the environment will lower negative impact on the world. It will allow the world to continue to relieve its functions without major harmful intervening from human beings. The actions of creating this kind of house can help with the depletion of the Earth’s functions so the rest of human beings may live on this Earth without a negative consequence. Another reason eco-friendly houses have benefits is because it will help with the use of electricity

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