Benefits Of Higher Education At The Information Technology Field

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Professional Pursuits
Melanie O’Keefe
ECPI University

Abstract: This paper will discuss some benefits of higher education in the Information Technology field. Three possible career paths were researched; noting salary expectations and the number of available positions.

The Information Technology industry accounts for only a small portion of the current job market. However, it is absolutely vital to virtually every industry. Technology moves forward so quickly that all businesses operating in today 's global economy must rely on technology to remain relevant, regardless of their industry. This will become apparent as I discuss three different career opportunities based on the qualifications of my major along with certifications. The three jobs I will discuss in this paper will include Desktop Support Specialist, Network Security Administrator, and Penetration Tester.
Career Opportunities for a Network Security Graduate: After conducting research, I found three jobs of interest to me that require skill sets that fall under the scope of my major.
Desktop Support Specialist
To begin, I researched positions for Desktop Support Specialist at many companies. These positions involve providing technical support for both hardware and software to employees via telephone, in person or live chat. This is an example of why soft skills are so important for success in a professional atmosphere. If one were to take this job before developing soft skills, such as…
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