Benefits Of Homeschooling : Children 's Unique Learning Style And Provides A Healthier And Safer Learning Environment

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Full Title: Benefits of Homeschooling
Erica Brown
ENG122: English Composition II
Instructor Patti Youngs
February 6, 2017 Benefits of Homeschooling
I. Introduction
A. Thesis statement: Homeschooling has become an effective alternative to education that accommodate the child’s unique learning style and provides a healthier and safer learning environment.
II. Body Paragraph Many parents homeschool their children because they can provide a healthier learning environment than a public-school system. The home environment lacks drugs, peer-influence, bullying, and school shootings. Parents spend more time interacting with their children one-on-one which, is nowhere close to the large teacher/student ratio within the public schools.
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A. Claim: More control over what their child is being taught.
1. Evidence: Per Farris, the moral obligation to protect one 's child from such indoctrination is protected by a constitutional right. "Parents have the constitutional right to obey the dictates of God concerning education of their children."
2. Evidence: The National Center for Educational Statistics (NCES) states that most families who homeschool include their concern about school environment, and an interest in ethical and spiritual education as their reason for homeschooling. Per the source, some said that they wanted to be able to teach their children outside of the basic curriculum.
VI. Body Paragraph Many educators feel that homeschooled children don’t interacted with children their age. In fact, many homeschool parents connect with other homeschool parents to establish homeschooling communities where one parent teaches multiple families on one day and another parent teaches on another day. However, the most common argument against homeschooling has been that homeschool students will be socially delayed due to the failure to socialize with other students.
A. Claim: Homeschooling parent will be supported by their peers and their community.
1. Evidence: Virtual school’s education programs provide face-to-face opportunities for their students, such as conferences and local field trips. The socialization argument has lost momentum

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