Benefits Of Homework In School

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Imagine being a student at EJMHS having college classes to be attractive to other colleges. These classes take up students after school time. For students to do all of their homework, and study for tests and quizzes is difficult because they have no time. There is a pressure for students to take upper level classes and that means more homework and not enough time to work on all of it. This problem is grievous. As a student, can say that I have times where I struggle with the amount of homework that given each day, It is a very lamentable feeling when this happens EJMHS must add an EDP to the school schedules to prevent stress, create study time, and provide family time.

To begin, stress is a primary reason why EJMHS must add an EDP to all class schedules, having too much homework and not having any time to do any of it in school is causing students stress. In fact, they actually found that 49 percent of students reported feeling “a great deal of stress” on a daily basis, and 26 percent stated that they had been diagnosed with depression because of it. With this being said, EJMHS must add an EDP. Along with that, students are expected to obtain a quality night of sleep which is 8 hours. As a student I, do not obtain a full 8 hours of sleep.Students are in their bedroom doing homework up to 2 hours at a time, in fact, at least once a week, I witness students who fall asleep in class. Students do not sleep at night because they are up doing homework. Because of this,
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