Benefits Of Implementing A Performance Management System

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The desired outcome of our presentation is to educate and inform Southwood School on the benefits of implementing a Performance Management system for all stakeholders in the organization. We will address the legacy status of the current Performance Management system, the current and future job roles and expectations of all employees as well as, the current and future role of the School Board members, due to its government funded/non-profit classification.
Our research and experience validates that in order to achieve an effective Performance Management system, it must be inclusive of the organizations objectives, Mission Statement, goals and core values. It must gain “buy in” and approval from all stakeholders, it must be clear, measurable and provide an opportunity for communication and feedback.
The transformation from the current culture of, “WIIFM” (what’s in it for me), to the desired culture of, “TEAM” (together everyone achieves more), will be gradual and require the dedication and cooperation of all stakeholders. The main objective for Southwood School will be to ensure that they do not lose sight of their purpose, their commitment to educate and develop the current 800 students that are currently enrolled, and of all future students thereafter.
JNR Associates, would like to thank you for the opportunity to present our research and recommendations for introducing a new Performance Management system to the employees of Southwood Schools.

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