Benefits Of Implementing The Framework Essay

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So what about the benefits? What are the tangible reasons for using MCSs? The benefits of implementing the framework focus largely on different ways operational efficiency is enhanced and improved. First, implementation of a MCS can reduce risks. The organisation will remove non-conformity by ensuring the actual performance and results relate to the main objectives of the organisation. The organisation doesn’t just set goals and then pursue them blindly, but has systems in place to ensure the processes are moving the organisation towards the objectives. Since you are aware of the effectiveness of your systems, you can notice problems quicker. You reduce risk as you notice problems before they turn into a disaster. Consider you are aiming to boost sales to increase the organisation’s bottom line. Due to having a MCS in place, you’ll be alerted if cost of production goes up and the targets become harder to obtain. In even simpler turns, imagine you are driving down the road. Now if your car just stops suddenly because it ran out of fuel, you are in trouble and you didn’t have a warning system in place. On the other hand, if you have a system in place monitoring your fuel levels, you can have an alarm notify you when you are running low on fuel. This allows you to take corrective action (find a gas station), before you are stuck on the side of the road. The framework also improves your organisation’s ability to plan future actions. The information flows faster under the MCS
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