Benefits Of International Student Recruitment

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This is one major reason that many students choose to study in the US and participation in multicultural groups may help students to make the needed connections to enjoy a successful stay after graduation (Chue & Nie, 2016).
In addition to fiscal benefits to international students, there are benefits to the university and surrounding community that are gained from an improved relationship with the international student population For instance, international students who remain after graduation become members of the community and promote cultural awareness and competence (Bodycott & Walker, 2000; Kumasi & Hill, 2011). Moreover, universities can benefit from greater retention and completion among students. Other nations such as the
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Improved relationships between institutions and international students should be a major focal point for researchers and administrators for the future.
The low response rate of this study and many others shows the necessity to determine what may be preventing students and potential participants from answering surveys. Is this an issue of a lack of English skills or are there other mechanisms at play that need to be considered? For instance, differences in culture could preclude some people from participating and some may be reluctant to participate due to unethical survey research they may have dealt with in the past. Learning communities in US higher education are very diverse and each group, including international students, deserves recognition and inclusion (Petrovich & Lowe, 2005). However, it is problematic to address issues when one cannot get enough participants to warrant attention from those in decision making roles. Therefore, determining if there are differences in participation based on demographic information as well as overall reluctance to participate should be explored to improve the quality and quantity of data that is collected from international students. More research can also help to determine which incentives are the most helpful when attempting to perform a
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