Benefits Of Internet Essay

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In today’s society, the Internet has become one of our daily needs as a form to communicate, to research information, to do business activities, and to socialize with others. The Internet can sometimes be harmful to humanity, but it all depends on how people use the source. The Internet can be accessed in many forms on different mobile devices such as smartphones and computers to help bring benefits, especially for children. Modern technology brings great benefits to children academically and personally as a form of development to help them learn much faster. Most schools are incorporating the use of technology to children by encouraging them to learn creatively as an innovation to kids. However, the Internet helps enhance children’s…show more content…
Children will also get to experience the online process while using the internet for support by using resources for learning that they will complete the assignments much quicker. Providing a resource for children is something they can remember for a lifetime and can become much smarter by using the Internet. Using the Internet helps the children discover their findings, and evidence as a huge implication causing them to think critically, logically, and memorizing their studies when using a search engine for help like Google. This proves that children using the Internet at an early age can make them become smarter and technology oriented at the same time. Most studies have also shown an increased in IQs’ from ages four to six to void illiteracy and better grades are produced. Most children’s performance towards the internet has helped them primarily by becoming a source for entrainment while in the learning at the same time. Children can learn easier, and have fun at the same time. However, some internet content can affect the learning process by spending too much time on the internet. There is so much content exposed that the child can access information about explicit information that is not used for educational purposes. Sometimes it can be very difficult to censor all vulgar material from the Internet which is filled with online predators and bullies, but the child should be monitored at all time. Even if they have good
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