Benefits Of Joining A Union

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As unions have become more structured over the past several decades, seeking employment that is part of a union has become more valuable and therefore more desirable. Currently, one of the main purposes of joining a union, is the ability to contribute to the terms of your employment within a company, giving employee’s the unique ability to have a voice and be heard in determining the crucial elements involving their employment with in a company. Belonging to a union affords both the employer and employee to collectively discuss, compose, and outline specific terms concerning the unification and expectations of all involved; with the desire of reaching a consensus. Although, employee contribution to the terms of employment is one of the…show more content…
The bargaining process and the manner in which it is approached is a crucial element to the success of reaching an agreement that both parties can be comfortable with. In reaching these agreements it’s important that it is ethical, rational, and is overall good faith. As a result, it is for that reason that bargaining, or collective bargaining has become a highly exercised method of effectively and collectively reaching the ultimate goal of establishing the terms of the relationship between the employee and employer. I am currently not employed by a union, however as I have grown to learn more regarding union practices I can confidently say that if I were given the opportunity to join a union I would certainly partake. As previously mentioned, it is an extremely unique and empowering feeling to have the opportunity to express your ultimate desires to an employer; it is even rarer to have those desires potentially be implemented. It is safe to say that the majority of employees share similar and reasonable desires from their employer, I would imagine getting the majority of the employees to agree on wage expectations, benefits, and the overall rights of their contract with the company wouldn’t be challenging. An employee gifting you with the autonomy to contribute to something as important as your
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