Benefits Of Legalizing Medical Marijuana

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For many centuries in ancient India cannabis was a major component in religious practices as well as in medical practices. Most parts of life incorporated cannabis of some form. Marijuana is a psychoactive drug made from the cannabis plant. It is sometimes used as a recreational drug by a few individuals, medical ailments and for spiritual purposes as well. The key element in marijuana is the delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). This psychoactive component is found in the leaves of the plant (Ethan B Russo, 2013). This essay will demonstrates the advantages of legalising medical marijuana such as treatment for pain relief, nausea and vomiting. Then it will examine disadvantages which includes impaired cognition, issues with memory retention, intoxication and heightened heart rate and blood pressure.
Medicinal marijuana is best known for its ability to act as a pain killer. It proves its usefulness especially during extreme pain that may be caused by spinal injuries or arthritis. In an New York article published in 2005, Dr. Shipley said, “In healthy volunteers, the drug caused no psychoactive effects. But there has been only one small trial showing that the drug provided better pain relief than a placebo.” It was also reported that “New drugs are not expected to reach the market for a few years, and many may fail or have unacceptable side effects. Still, the void left by Vioxx has buoyed companies like NicOx, which two years ago faced a bleak future when a big drug company…
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