Benefits Of Living A Healthy Lifestyle Essay

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Do you ever wonder and say to yourself “How can I be healthy and what do I need to stop doing in my everyday life style?”, actually, it’s really easy to be healthy, but it needs responsibility and care from the person following them. If a person wants to live healthy, he/she can do that by having new habits in his/her life. Everybody wants to live an active, vibrant life for as long as possible, and that goal depends on one’s brain health. Some habits that the brain and the body need to function well and be healthy are exercising, not smoking, managing stress, sleeping well, taking better care of oneself, have a healthy diet, and most importantly socializing (“Better habits”). Every person has a different point of view on what a healthy way of living is; however, it only comes down to working on good health habits and letting go of harmful ones. With healthy habits, one can only obtain positive effect out of it. For example, one will have much more energy, sleep better than before and be more relaxed, you will have your dream toned body, strong body muscles, strong hair, healthy skin, and most importantly you will be pleased and have a better outlook on life (Bellenir 558). To start a new "life", one begins with small steps, simple changes, which will produce big changes after a short time. Living a healthy lifestyle could be challenging in the beginning for people who crave foods easily and can’t control their appetite (Perlmutter 213). Also, one will find all these
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