Benefits Of Living A Healthy Lifestyle Essay

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There are many benefits to living a healthy lifestyle, and there are many aspects that lead into it. Three important aspects that are most beneficial to a healthy life include sleep, diet and nutrition, and exercise. To live a healthy life starts at a young age. Living a healthy lifestyle when young is beneficial for adult life.

One important aspect that is beneficial to adult health is sleep. Not getting the correct amount of sleep has immediate effects that are often overlooked. One important effect is the lack of energy. [If someone gets fewer hours of sleep one night, instead of the correct amount, their energy level throughout the day is going to be lower than what it should and could be. They may notice halfway throughout the day
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Older adults suffer from this more. Studies show from Medical News Today, “Poor quality sleep in adults causes memories to stay stuck in the hippocampus and not reach the prefrontal cortex. This results in forgetfulness and difficulty remembering names”. The Sleep Foundation states the amount of sleep teenagers should get is eight and a half to nine and a half hours. The amount adults should get is seven to nine hours. Teens should be aware of this and practice good sleeping habits that can carry on into adulthood, which can save them from suffering from memory loss. Diet and nutrition is one of the most important factors of a healthy adult life. Following a good diet and nutrition plan when young can reduce chances of developing different diseases and health conditions. Having a healthy diet also helps to decrease the chance of obesity. Another benefit is it helps the immune system.

An immediate effect of a poor diet is weight gain. Overeating too much of the wrong food can cause excess weight to build up resulting in weight gain. Overeating and having a poor diet continuously can lead into obesity. Obesity is a disorder that is caused by having too much body fat and is often diagnosed when a person’s bmi is over 30. It increases the risk of major health problems. Childhood obesity certainly has long term effects. According to the American Heart Association, “Among children today, obesity is causing a broad range of health
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