Benefits Of Living And Commuting Between Brussels And Paris

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11 July 2015 - One of the benefits of living and commuting between Brussels and Paris is that you are a stone 's throw (well, in close proximity) to all of the major, "funky" technology events such as IBM Research/Analytics (Paris FR and Zurich CH), IBM Cyber Security (Ghent BE), Cannes Lions (Cannes FR), and the Federal Institute of Technology (ETHZ) Artificial Intelligence events (Zurich CH).

This past week I was able to enjoy a few days at the International Conference on Machine Learning in Lille, France. It is the premier annual Machine Learning (ML) event supported by the International Machine Learning Society which is a leader in ML research. NOTE: for an excellent "gentle" introduction to ML via Youtube:
Google (no surprise) had a platoon of its centurions at the Lille event and there were many opportunities to speak with Googlers. Google displayed a range of ML expertise. Some of it is a typical data crunching exercise like reducing internal covariate shift to research that provides a glimpse of what Google will do with its knowledge. And it has really got into the "game thing" (umm, that 's "game revenue", folks). Google hosted scores of workshops. But Adobe, Disney Research, Faceboook, IBM, Microsoft Research, and many more ML 's major players were all there. And the Lille event was typical for all of these tech events: free (very good) Wifi access, and fabulous lunch bars on site to keep you near all the action. Plus scores of lunch/dinner options within
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