Benefits Of Long Island Wines Essay

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Long Island wines have begun to catch the attention of wine experts around the world. After nearly forty years, the region continues to grow and improve. Long Island wines are proving themselves worthy of respect. The best have a style all their own attributed to terrior, with moderate alcohol, intense aromatics and crisp acidity. Long Island wine region is the largest producer of European wine grapes in the Eastern United States and “a quality leader in the New World.” ( 2015; Ruckdeschel 2013). Suffolk County, on New York’s Long Island, benefits from farming practices with a diversity that is unique within the state as well as the nation. The region’s farmers have been inspired by the ‘foodie ethos’, and strive to meet the call for locally grown products in an environmentally sustainable fashion. This is especially evident in the region’s viticulture and wine making industries as they attempt to protect a fragile ecosystem (Nigro 2015). The American Viticulture Area that encompasses the region is divided into three Appelations; The North Fork of Long Island, The Hamptons, and Long Island. There are sixty vineyards that range in size from two-and-a-half acres to over five hundred. Wine makers in region total fifty-six, with forty-seven on the North Fork, four in the Hamptons, and five in Western Suffolk County. Current production totals some five hundred thousand cases equaling one million two hundred thousand gallons (Ruckdeschel 2013). History of

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