Benefits Of Losing For Losing

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If a survey was made asking every person in the world whether they would rather lose or win, a resounding number of people would not think twice about it. They would pick winning over losing every time. Why would they not? Winning has many benefits: the feeling of beating a rival is full of enjoyment and pleasure; it also makes you feel great because you exceeded at something and beat it; winning also makes a person feel more powerful as if they can accomplish anything. Overall winning seems to be far greater than losing; however, there are many greater benefits in losing. To start, losing is far better for a person than winning; it makes a person stronger and makes the fight harder for the times ahead; after losing time and time again, when you finally get that win it feels so much sweeter; lastly there are far greater things than just winning. Think about it, if a person wins every time he/she compete in something, then the feeling of winning is neutral to them. On the other hand, if someone loses over and over again when they finally get that win, it is one of the greatest feelings in the world. They hold on to it, cling to it with everything they have, and they work twice as hard to get it back. Winning all the time does not push a person as hard to succeed, they do not try as hard, and they give up too easily. Society today has it all wrong, instead of teaching kids that they can learn from losing, we are teaching them that everyone can win and there are never losers.
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