Benefits Of Low Cost Goods On America And The People Who Live And Work

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Every year millions of Americans spend a good portion of their hard-earned dollars on Chinese products. Low-cost goods are appealing to consumers. Many of those consumers have no idea how these affordable foreign products impact America and the people who live and work there. As a consumer, supporting one’s own country is desirable. Every American family can benefit from purchasing products that were manufactured in the good ole US of A.
The first thing to look at, are the items we use every day, like cellphones. I decided to look at the iPhone, since I own one myself. Chen came up with a great example using the ever-so-popular iPhone; he claims, “To produce them, Foxconn had to import $10.75 worth of parts from American companies. The rest of its $172.46 components came from Korea, Japan, Germany, and elsewhere. Out of a $600 iPhone, how much does China get? A puny $6.50, or 1% of the value." From this article, Chan claims that the United States is making more money from the trade agreements than what is being lost. From his studies, he notes, “Using the San Francisco Federal Reserve study, America actually has a trade surplus of $70 billion."
Numerous Americans know that many foreign cars are made in America. Looking at charts from Kogod college shows the reader the most American made cars and the least American cars in order. The top 50 list shows Toyota, a foreign car company, makes more cars in America than Ford. This is rather surprising since Ford started
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