Benefits Of Lucid Dreaming

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All You Need to Know About Lucid Dreaming

Chapter 1: Overview of Lucid Dreams

Dreams have played a very crucial role to cultures through the years. The aborigines have believed that the stories of the world’ very start as the realization of their dreaming. Native Americans have believed that their dreams are doorways to the spiritual world, ways to quests and prophecies.

The concept of lucid dreaming is not something new either. Aristotle is considered to be the first one to write about lucid dreaming; however, he did not coin a term for it. Certain Tibetan Buddhists have been practicing “dream yoga” for a long time, which is something similar to lucid dreaming.

The ultimate goal of dream yoga is to examine your consciousness and give you to a state of constant awareness. Bulk of the principles governing the Buddhist belief is to be familiar with the world for what it is, without illusion. A lucid dreamer is familiarized with the dream world for what it is – a dream. As you dream, you go with the flow of
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The advantages of lucid dreaming start with being able to promote stress relief through your dreams; although lucid dreaming can have a lot of other concrete advantages in your own life. Following are just some of the known benefits of lucid dreaming:

• Facing fears – many lucid dreamers utilize lucid dreams as a means to deal with their phobias or overcome their nightmares. You can set up your lucid dream to deal with a worst case situation, so you will already know that you can surpass it. You may also use your dreams as a means to gradually experience your fears and to discover how you can surpass them. For example, if you are afraid of creepy crawling insects, you can make your elf face these creatures in your dream, knowing that you can wake up at any time. You’ll soon find yourself getting over much of your fear that usually comes with
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