Benefits Of M-Commerce

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M-Commerce M-commerce is a great type of service in this generation. It is playing a very important role in many businesses. M-commerce means actually the buying and selling of goods and services via mobile or wireless technology and devices. Mobile commerce is growing very fast all over the world. This has created a huge opportunity for those companies who are using m-commerce to buy and sell goods. It also has shaken traditional business to the core and left many old timers gasping for air. The growth of mobile commerce is significant. (1) Business services which can be offered though m-commerce. Everyone prefers to purchase using a mobile app as they find it more interesting and quick. This kind of service was not that famous many years back, people used go to markets and buy goods by themselves. Consumer nowadays are always busy with their hand phones and m commerce took the…show more content…
Customers now love shopping online from their mobile phones more than ever, because they can do it whether they’re at home on the couch, on the train on the way to work. It is a long process to get out for shopping, you have to drive or take public transportations. Then you have to roam around the shop moreover there are particular level for each category and at the end you also have to wait in the line to pay. But m-commerce made it so ease that everything is now in the hand phone, you don’t have to go physically or wait in the line to pay moreover there is home delivery service through which your goods will come to your door. There are lots of catering service now a day though m-commerce for example Pizza Inn they have their own application and website where you can make your pizza the way you want through the certain option in their app and website then place the order long with the payment. So, after few minutes the pizza will be in your
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