Benefits Of Measure Service Quality

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Incheon and Hong Kong two of the best-ranked airports in the world
Airports are similar to cities in a variety of aspects where to happen many activities such as take-off, landings of aircraft, movement of people and freight. It is important to highlight that passengers are the essence of the airports operations considering that the primary purpose of the commercial aviation is to transport customers from one point to another point in a period of time. In over the past years airports focused only in the departure and arrival of passengers but in the current years, airports focus their goals beyond transportation of travellers with the purpose to satisfy their needs. Thus, airports offer a range of services to attract the attention of different type of customers worldwide. The aim of this essay is to analyse and understand the benefits of measure service quality due to the high competitiveness of the airport industry, taking as examples two of the best airports in the world for passengers. The two airports selected are Incheon International Airport and Hong Kong International Airport that are located in Asia, one of the markets with more demand of customers these days and in the coming years by International Air Transport Association (2015). In the direction to enrich the performance of the organisations the need to measure service quality arises, since it is vital to determine how well an airport is performing service delivery in order to survive and grow in a dynamic…
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